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We want to ensure our clients are highly satisfied with work performed, and their individual goals are met. Your satisfaction and our commitment to you is our top priority.

We Deliver Results


Making an impact by changing the way services are delivered to both payers and providers.

Network Development

Network Development is the process of finding the right match of providers in a certain market to decide if inclusion in your network would prove to be a win-win for all. Our experts have the proven experience to develop mutually beneficial network partnerships.

Big Data Analytics & Governance

We leverage the complex but extremely valuable insights that Big Data can provide as well as providing data consistency, integrity and transparency. We would love to introduce you to some of the game-changing software available to the healthcare market.

Provider Contracting & Credentialing

We provide comprehensive and accurate Physician, Ancillary, and Hospital Contracting and Credentialing. Our proprietary tools keep track of who needs credentialed while excelling at prioritizing those provider contracts that should be sought first.


We employ top experts with a long history of experience focused on multiple specialty, group, ancillary, and specialized billing practices. Our billing services assure accurate claim coding as well as timely and accurate claim billing, appeals, and collections.

Single Case Agreements

We have a proven history of handling Single Case Agreements. Our work frees up insurers to handle other important issues while providing a level of expertise that many providers do not possess. All of which facilitates patient access to out-of-network providers.

MIPS/MACRA Consulting

We have built long-standing partnerships with some of the most respected subject matter experts regarding the MACRA, MIPS, and APM programs. This allows us to pair physician practices with the customized solutions best suited to meet their particular needs.

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