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After working with several health plans on a national level, ACR’s founder Amanda Ratliff realized she could make an impact by changing the way services are delivered to both payers and providers.

ACR Consulting Services, LLC launched in 2012 to assist with National Network Development activities, with an emphasis on contracting. As demand for ACR’s services increased, we opened a full-fledged managed care office located in Delaware, Ohio to support our client’s needs, allowing us to easily integrate with any engagement quickly and accurately.

ACR Consulting Services is a Christian Company, and as such we strive to build relationships based on trust, honesty, and integrity. Our experienced, dedicated, and friendly team is ready to help your business meet its goals. We aim for transparency, trustworthiness, and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.


ACR specializes in building strong networks during short timelines and providing clean contracts along with timely reporting. We checklist all required forms specific to your organization, and work to ensure accuracy. ACR provides thorough documentation to capture each service area, specialty, and counts. We aim to turn your scorecards from red to green, to meet all GAP and RFP objectives, all while saving you money in the process.


As increasing levels of managed products (Medicaid, Medicare, Exchange, Commercial, Tricare, ACO’s, iSNP, dSNP) become available, providers can easily be confused by the process. It’s easy to miss a new product, partnership, or contract that may come available if you are also busy managing a practice. Many physicians and healthcare providers are unaware how to work with each department or phase of the contracting and credentialing process to become a participating and in-network provider. ACR’s goal is to handle all aspects of Managed Care activities so healthcare providers can increase revenue sources, create preferred relationships, and be confident they are in-network for all services, at the best rates and best available contract language.

We want to ensure our clients are highly satisfied with work performed, and their individual goals are met. Your satisfaction and our commitment to you is our top priority.

ACR Consulting Services

A Team Of Professionals

Amanda Ratliff


Amanda has been in the Managed Care and Contracting arena for the duration of her career and has a true passion to serve others with business development and increasing revenue sources. Amanda has been in the industry for the last 15+ years starting with a Commercial based payer overseeing claims, and provider services functions. She worked with several MCO’s, including a newly formed plan in Ohio during their startup to service the Medicaid population. She found her niche and passion in developing networks, data management, contract coordination, and redlining contracts. In 2012, Amanda decided to launch an expert team of resources to support backend business office needs. She now has a strong team to assist in whatever her clients may need. Amanda is married to a law enforcement official, has 3 wonderful children ages 9, 15, 17, she is an active member of her church, loves to volunteer and spend time serving others. When she isn’t working – she enjoys riding her horses Reba and Tori on her acreage in Morrow County.

Royel Jones

Contract Manager

Royel has a wealth of knowledge in financials, reporting, data analytics, and contracting. She has worked in the State sector and is familiar with Medicaid space. She has an Associate Degree in Accounting. She oversees the data management team to assure each team member has what they need on a daily basis. Royel is a key member of our team as she always has a smile on her face. But, most importantly, when contracting is concerned, she refuses to accept “no” as an answer and is one of our top producers. She is highly skilled at provider recruitment and educating providers on the benefits of participation and contracting.

While she’s not working, she loves spending time with her husband and two girls. She loves watching Ohio State sports. Royel attends Family Life Church and is very involved in her local community.

Lindsey McPeek

Supervisor, Contracting & Data Integrity

Lindsey has been in the Member and Provider services sector for her entire career. She loves training, working through a process, is helpful by nature, and has the most pleasant phone voice. She has a true passion to assist and “get the job done” no matter the obstacle.

In her personal life, Lindsey is a member of Polaris Church and is a mother of three. She enjoys shopping, cooking for her family and is a huge Cleveland Cavs fan.

Kate Richison

Contract Support Specialist II

Kate is skilled in Medical Transcription, financial reporting, provider services and data administration. Her ability to dig deep into data and pull out key elements needed for reporting is excellent. She strives to enter correctly, be detail oriented and be thorough in all of her reporting. Better said, she is a data entry WHIZ! She has a BS in Sports Management and a minor in Business Administration.

In her downtime, she loves spending time with her newborn baby and daughter along with her husband Alex. Kate is also very crafty, enjoys artwork and sewing.

Ashley Chavalia

Provider Contract Specialist

Ashley Chavalia joined ACR Consulting as a Provider Contract Specialist. She comes with extensive experience in provider, physician, and ancillary contracting as well as Physician Network Development. Ashley has proudly served in the Ohio Army National Guard for 7 years, and holds Bachelors Degrees in Sociology and Criminology from Ohio University.

Ashley is married to a law enforcement official and has a 2-year-old son who keeps her busy in her free time building forts, playing in the mud, and being pirates in their treehouse.

Winter Milini

Claims Support Specialist III

Winter Milini currently serves as ACR’s Claims Support Specialist III, and has been in the healthcare field for over 15 years. For the past 11 years she has focused on medical billing and revenue cycle management, gaining expertise in Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation, and Federally Qualified Health Center’s (FQHC).

Winter is a Certified Professional Coder, Certified Orthopaedic Surgery Coder, and a Community Health-Coding & Billing Specialist. When not working Winter attends Faith Family Church and enjoys shopping, trying new things, and spending time with her family and friends.

Kim Blankenship

Claims Specialist

Kimberlee was with a Large Hospital System locally for the majority of her career and gained crucial knowledge in and around provider operations. She has a certificate in Business Secretarial services and is vital to our organization. She assists in Provider Services, logging open task items and tracking for closure. She is key point on call center, processing contracts, preparing packets, data administration and locating key provider data elements needed for contracting.

Kimberlee is a member of the Victory in Truth Ministry. She has been married 29 years and is grandmother to two beautiful girls. In her downtime, she loves watching reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother, and is an avid Buckeye fan.

Kim Cordery

Claims Specialist

Kim Cordery joined ACR as an experienced claims specialist with a background in customer service. Kim has over 12 years working in the healthcare industry and has extensive customer service experience working for clients including Molina and CGS handling Medicare claims processing.

Additionally, Kim has experience in Provider Data and Workers Compensation processing. When she isn’t working, Kim enjoys spending time with her two young grandchildren, reading, and baking.

Candice Shaffer

Claims Specialist

Candice Shaffer works as ACR’s Revenue Cycle Specialist, and has an extensive understanding of the medical billing profession. She has experience in all aspects of the revenue cycle from charge posting to payment posting, insurance follow-up, patient collections, and workers compensation.

Candice worked at an Orthopaedic practice for several years, and most recently with a Community Health Center. When she’s not serving clients, Candice attends Faith Family Church and enjoys drawing, painting, organizing, and spending time with her two children and husband, Matt.

Mandy Nippert

Provider Data Management Specialist

Mandy is an integral part of our admin team gathering data needed for provider recruitment activities like emails, and fax numbers. She has a vast knowledge of customer service and financial sector.

Mandy is an active member in her church, PTA and community. She has a desire to work hard and be of help in all that she does. She is very artsy, enjoys crafting, shopping and spending time with her husband John and 3 young boys.

Lauren Brazzell

Provider Support Specialist

Lauren graduated from Westerville North High School where she studied four years of American Sign Language and then went on to take four years of college-level ASL classes.

Lauren then worked as a receptionist for Columbus Colony, a Deaf nursing home, as well as working in childcare and working with people for eight years.

She is very involved in church and family. When she is relaxing she enjoys listening to music, catching up on her shows, spending time with family and friends.

Lauren is currently enrolled at Columbus State Community College to obtain her medical coding certification.  

Khyla Jones

Provider Support Specialist

Khyla Jones joined ACR as an intern, after spending two years as a State Tested Nursing Assistant at the Willow Brook Christian Communities Nursing Home. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Allied Health and plans to attend graduate school to become a Physician Assistant.

Kyla enjoys patient care and helping others, and her organizational skills have become a valuable asset to ACR. When she’s not working, Khyla is a member of Family Life Church in Marion, Ohio and enjoys spending time with her Great Dane, family, and friends, and traveling to different places.


What We Do Best

Provider Contracting

We possess a wealth of experience in provider/physician/ancillary and hospital contracting,   including, tracking, credentialing, redlining, negotiating, strategizing provider needs and components in each geographic area. Score carding and mapping each requirement in the Managed care field is especially exciting.


Our billing services include accurate claim coding as well as timely and accurate claim billing, appeals and collections. An added value of ACR’s billing service is that we also provide a detailed review of physician credentialing, and accuracy in loading with each managed care plan which significantly reduces rejected/denied insurance claims. Our established relationships with various health plans allows us to seamlessly overturn many denials for timely filing, inaccurate coding, etc.


We provide comprehensive and accurate Physician/Ancillary and Hospital credentialing.  Whether it be CAQH updates or a full credentialing application, we can help. We track for file receipt and assure the checklist of items requested by each managed care plan is sent. We follow up on a monthly basis to assure they have received and loaded your record into the health plans database.

Network Development

We have a track record of effectively and efficiently developing strong provider networks and can develop networks ranging in size from local and regional to networks of national scope. Of our core services, provider network development is the foundation.

Contract Language Negotiations

Our negotiators work to negotiate contracts that position their clients for maximum success and profitability, and mitigation and/or reduction of client liability. We provide expert contract negotiation services, with 30 years of successful negotiating experience among our team.

Single Case Agreements

Our handling of single case agreements frees up insurers to handle other issues, provides a level of expertise that many providers do not possess, and facilitates patient access to out-of-networks providers. We can track, label and negotiate each request. We want to assure you are approving the most reasonable rates for each request.

MIPS/MACRA Consulting

We’ve partnered with some of the most respected subject matter experts regarding the MACRA/MIPS/APM program under Medicare.  From these partnerships, ACR Consulting Services is able to pair physician practices with MACRA/MIPS/APM solutions best suited to meet their needs.

BIG DATA Analytics

ACR Consulting Services has its finger squarely on the pulse of solutions for the effective management of big-data analytics.  Our strong relationships with the leading big-data analytics experts creates the most favorable matches between big-data analytics experts and organizations in need a more effective method for managing big-data. With national relationships across the healthcare arena, we would love to introduce you to game-changing software to rapidly spin your data needs. This solution is being sought after by many Health plans and software firms to create fast, efficient and solid cloud-based environments.

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