About Us

 After working with several health plans on a national level, ACR’s founder Amanda Ratliff realized she could make an impact by changing the way services are delivered to both payers and providers.

ACR Consulting Services, LLC launched in 2012 to assist with National Network Development activities, with an emphasis on contracting. As demand for ACR’s services increased, we opened a full-fledged managed care office located in Delaware, Ohio to support our client’s needs, allowing us to easily integrate with any engagement quickly and accurately.

ACR Consulting Services is a Christian Company, and as such we strive to build relationships based on trust, honesty, and integrity. Our experienced, dedicated, and friendly team is ready to help your business meet its goals. We aim for transparency, trustworthiness, and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.


ACR specializes in building strong networks during short timelines and providing clean contracts along with timely reporting. We checklist all required forms specific to your organization, and work to ensure accuracy. ACR provides thorough documentation to capture each service area, specialty, and counts. We aim to turn your scorecards from red to green, to meet all GAP and RFP objectives, all while saving you money in the process.


As increasing levels of managed products (Medicaid, Medicare, Exchange, Commercial, Tricare, ACO’s, iSNP, dSNP) become available, providers can easily be confused by the process. It’s easy to miss a new product, partnership, or contract that may come available if you are also busy managing a practice. Many physicians and health care providers are unaware how to work through each department or phase of the contracting and credentialing process to become a participating and in-network provider. ACR’s goal is to handle all aspects of Managed Care activities so healthcare providers can increase revenue sources, create preferred relationships, and be confident they are in-network for all services, at the best rates and best available contract language.

We want to ensure our clients are highly satisfied with work performed, and their individual goals are met. Your satisfaction and our commitment to you is our top priority.


To provide unparalleled managed care resources, contracting and educational services to our provider or payer partners who entrust us with their needs.


To be THE first choice selected to provide quality expertise for both payer and provider offices.


In building present and future partnerships, we are committed to and accountable for conducting our system and personal lives with integrity. We seek to build relationships based on fairness, trustworthiness, and embrace responsibility.

We are committed to respecting the dignity of all persons and to fostering a system culture characterized by teamwork, diversity and empowerment.

We are committed to excellence by continuously improving the quality of our service delivery. This is done through the commitment of responsible stewardship of assets, resources and the willingness to embrace change.

We are committed to providing our services to each provider based on their needs and have a true passion to assist the community wherever we may be needed.

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